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Hey brothers!


Discipline isn’t enough.


Discipline can only do so much for us.


We all have those days where the quality of our performance just drops.


Even if we put in the same amount of work,


We just can’t get the same results.

Even if we’re disciplined those days,


Even if we win that internal resistance to do the work,


We still fail.


Because even 4 hours of focused work,


Will always beat 8 hours of half-ass.

Discipline can get you out of bed,


But it can’t make you focused.


It can get you to the gym,


But it can’t make you train harder than last time.


Discipline dictates if you do something or not,


But it has no control over the quality of your performance.

However, we are on a mission, brothers.


Each one of us has his purpose,


And we can’t afford to fall behind because of bad days.


So let me share with you the 1 mental shift that fixed this problem for me.


It’s so simple, yet so effective, that you’ll be amazed by the results.

To perform as best as possible even on your worst days,


You need to set a standard:


Your worst days should be just as good, if not better, than your competition’s good days.

Bad days will come.


And it’s okay. But,


If even then,


Your lowest is your competition’s average,


You really can’t lose.


If your “bad” is their “good”,


There’s no chance they can win.


And trust me:


The moment you set this standard,


Your lack of drive evaporates.


Because the only thing you can think about is the distance you’re putting between you and them.

You’ll always have competition, brothers.


But if you beat them even at your lowest,


They won’t stand a chance.

Outwork and outperform, brothers.


See you next time.

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