The biggest, unspoken danger of our society

We live in a violent world.

All kinds of criminal acts are a daily occurrence,

Yet, most of everyday’s menaces aren’t physical…

Manipulation is the biggest threat in our lives.

Manipulative people are everywhere,

And they can be more harmful than most think.

As men, our duty is to protect,

And to protect others we first need to be able to protect ourselves.

So here’s 5 tips to spot a manipulator before it’s too late.


Men hardly ever receive a compliment.

So when they do, it means a lot to them.

This means you need to be extra careful with flattery people.

They might be trying to “buy” your trust and manipulate you.

A similar thing happens with criticism.

Manipulators often use constant criticism to break your confidence and make you easier to influence.


When someone makes you feel guilty for THEIR actions,

Chances are they want to ask you to “make up” for your mistake by doing them some kind of favor.


Distorting reality to make you doubt your feelings or memories is common among manipulators.

They use this to make you question your sanity.


Manipulators will often try to isolate you from friends and family,

As we’re all weaker when we are alone.

Silent Treatment

Manipulators often use silent treatment as a way to control and punish you.

They may ignore you when they don’t get their way,

So you need to become comfortable with silence.

Ultimately, manipulators are cowards.

They hide their true selves because they’re ashamed.

Pride is the most powerful weapon against manipulators.

And if you’re proud of being part of this community,

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Which one are you?

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