Become unbreakable

Hey brothers,


Struggle is the only certainty in a man’s life.

He who can’t deal with it,

Will never truly experience the essence of manhood.


So today I’ll give you some easy, practical tips,

That you can start following today,

To develop true mental toughness.


But first,

I want to share with you how these tips changed my friend Mike’s life.


Mike and I were best friends growing up,

But after we graduated from high school,

Our paths parted.


His parents sent him to a University abroad.


The new environment slowly corrupted Mike.


6 months after his departure,

He was a weed addict with no future in sight.


He wasn’t going to class, nor attending any exam.


He eventually was expelled from University,

And came back home.


That event changed something inside of him,

And he realized his life had to change.


He turned to me for help.


The pain I felt seeing him in such a desperate state is something I can’t explain.


But I couldn’t let him down.


So I shared with him the same tips I want to share with you right now.


Today, Mike is a new, happier, stronger man,

With a brilliant future as a software engineer.


Okay, enough with the trip down memory-lane.


Let’s get into it.


  1. Set short-term goals


Especially if you’re in a difficult situation,

The only thing to focus on is your very next step.

It’s okay if you still can’t see the final destination.

Just start engaging in positive attitudes, one step at a time.


  1. Develop a growth mindset

Believe in the power of hard work.

The more you put in,

The more you get out.

Even if you can’t see the results,

Hard work is never wasted.


  1. Physical health

Training is the most efficient and immediate way to gain self control.

And it’s the absolute best habit you can adopt.


  1. Embrace failure

He who fears failure,

Is called a loser.

Winners aim for failure.

Start learning from it,

Instead of letting it drag you down,

And you’ll be well on your way to success.

That’s it for today brothers,

Let that sink in.


Until next time,


Stay strong


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    I am not satisfied I want more.

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